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The Australian Piper Aircraft Society (APAS) is a non-profit Incorporated Association whose members own or fly Piper aircraft.  The APAS will facilitate the sharing of information and member experiences involving the piloting and maintenance of their Piper aircraft.

The APAS’ Pilot Proficiency Program will offer members a comprehensive flight training program which APS will develop in consultation with the ASFA and major insurance providers. The APAS will also run Piper Service Clinics from time to time designed to provide members with the opportunity of having their aircraft evaluated by LAMEs with extensive Piper aircraft experience and training.

The APAS Newsletter offers practical information on such topics as maintenance, piloting techniques, aircraft restoration, aircraft insurance, parts sourcing and other topics chosen for those with a specific interest in Piper aircraft. The magazine will feature an aircraft owned by an APS member on its cover every issue, as well as schedules of up coming member activities.  APS plans to collaborate with the US based Piper Owners and Pipers Magazines to reprint material of local interest.

The APAS  Fly-aways will provide an opportunity for members to regularly meet and socialize at a variety of interesting locations around the country.  The APAS, through its members, intends to support the activities of Angel Flight.

Improvement of flying safety will be one of the major goals of the APAS. To achieve this objective, safety will promoted through the APS Newsletter and web site, seminars at Society meetings, Service Clinics and the Pilot Proficiency Programs.

The APAS will collaborate closely with AOPA and intends to become an AOPA affiliate.  APAS will consult with the ASFA in developing the Pilot Proficiency Program and other safety initiatives.  Contacts will also be maintained with insurance providers, maintenance organizations and parts suppliers.

We invite you to join the APAS as a foundation member. Membership in the Society is open to anyone with a serious interest in aviation, and especially to those who own or fly Piper aircraft.


Cost of Membership is currently $100 for a Single Membership or $150 for a Family Membership.

Membership fee’s are due annually, and secure payments by credit card can be made via the web site, or alternatively

Membership fee’s can be made to Australian Piper Aircraft Society, Bank of Bendigo and include your name in the description.

note: the account number has changed as of Nov’23, please use the new account number listed below.

BSB: 633 000

Account No:142 553 007


Having Issues Registering ?  – email membership@piperaircraft.com.au