Pilot Proficiency Program (PPP)

The APAS PPP is based on that developed by the Comanche Society and that published by the US ASF. The goal of the PPP is to institute a recognized Pilot Proficiency training program for Piper pilots to enhance the safety of their flying operations.

The program consists of two major elements:

Ground component
This component is completed on the fly-in weekend and covers Piper flight operations as well as an in-depth look at the safety critical systems on our Pipers.

Flight component
The Flight component must be completed either on the weekend or within the following 6 weeks. It consists of a flight in your aircraft of approximately an hours duration that covers the key aspects of normal and emergency operation of the aircraft.


The Program            

General Overview

Shortly before the course you will be sent a quiz that you should attempt to complete before you come. You will also receive a list of the documentation you will be required to bring. 

You must arrive and be registered on Friday evening. Registration will open at the airport from 4:00pm followed by a BBQ dinner. Registration paperwork will also be completed on Friday evening. 

The ground program commences on Saturday at 8:30am. The ground component continues on Sunday in parallel with the flight component. 

The flight component commences on Sunday. The flight is of approximately one hours duration and includes standard flight sequences designed to improve your confidence and safety in handling your aircraft. You are Pilot in Command and can chose not to perform any sequence you are not comfortable with. The debrief is between you and the instructor, and you keep the debriefing sheet. 

There are approximately 10 flight slots available on the weekend. These will be assigned in order of registration. If you are unable to attend one of these slots, you will be able to make a booking with one of the instructors within the following 6 weeks. 

For the flight component we can only accept aircraft insured for ground and flight risks and with liability cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the program accredited?

Q: Is the program operated by a Flying School? A: No. The course is not operated by a Flying School or under an AOC. Pilots attending the course must be legally current to fly. During the flying sequence the instructor acts only as a check pilot.

Q: Does the course satisfy the BFR requirement? A: No. The course focuses on pilot proficiency issues. The procedures required by a BFR are not covered.

Q: Can I recover the cost of the course? A: QBE have in the past agreed to allow $250.00 discount off the cost of their insurance premium for doing the course. The APS will provide members who complete the PPP a receipted invoice and certificate to claim the discount from QBE Insurance at renewal time.


For further information you can contact David Goode ph: 0428842344 or email: ppp@piperaircraft.com.au